Trees Are Awesome.

I read about massive industrial projects to absorb excess CO2 from our atmosphere using "carbon sequestration" technology. 

 Nature has had this technology for millions of years. 
It is low maintenance, has a small footprint, and is self managing. They're called trees. 

If we could only stop cutting them down, they may help save our planet. 

Here’s the Rainbow Eucalyptus, a tree that looks like a toddler has been set loose in the forest with some tins of paint and no responsible adult keeping an eye on them. Remarkably, this tree’s colouring is entirely natural. As the Rainbow Eucalyptus grows the bark falls away in patches at different times of year exposing the bright green inner bark. As time passes the inner back changes colour going blue, purple, orange and then maroon, giving the trees their incredibly colourful look.
These trees are naturally found in the rainforests of the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea but they are also used in pulp-wood plantations for making paper. These rainforests are under threat from deforestation to create these plantations but that doesn't make these trees any less spectacular to look at.
We can stand together to protect forests and the incredible diversity of life they contain.
Trees. Are. Awesome.